OUT: Basketball Star Dwight Howard Allegedly Had A Transexual Girlfriend

Wow! Looks like transgender love is all the rage and now Dwight Howard is taking the "heat."

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am glad to be a basic fellow. Some people are living la vida loca out here and it is getting very very very complicated. Take Dwight Howard, the super star basketball player! He's been allegedly outted as a transexual person lover. At this point, nothing is crazy, but this is still pretty crazy. Look what the alleged ex-transexual friend said:


Yall cats are buggin!

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This is why the NDA was needed. His biz is his and this is why nobody wants to deal with trans folks. they talk too much and will never be accepted, other than as mean folks who always try and out folks. the moment they get mad, they want to out the person and make them feel the shun they think they are getting.