Papoose’s Daughter Threatens To Harm Remy Ma’s Ex Best Friend


By ClassicOne.

(AllHipHop Rumors) As you know, Remy Ma’s ex-best friend, Love & Hip Hop’s Rah Ali has switched sides and joined forces with her enemy, Nicki Minaj!

Papoose’s daughter, Chanel, isn’t too happy about the fact that Rah Ali has switched sides or the fact that she appeared in Nicki Minaj “No Frauds” video.

Chanel has even threatened to harm Rah Ali over it. Chanel has even recorded a video expressing that she isn’t even worried about the consequences because her folks would bail her out in 24 hours. LOL.

Awww man Chanel is letting it be known that Rah Ali will definitely catch these hands if she catches her out in these streets! According to Chanel, she will f-ck Rah Ali up on site! Check out her threats below. What are your thoughts?