Peep Which Female Rapper Keke Palmer Shoots Her Shot At!

Issa plot twist! Keke Palmer goes public with her female Hip Hop crush! Does she have a chance?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well fellas if you had your eyes on actress/singer Keke Palmer and rapper Kash Doll, you may be out of luck, or you may be in luck for a threesome.

Keke hasn't ever been shy about her bisexuality or sexual fluidity. This may have come as a surprise even still to some, but the surprise comes more from Kash Doll.

Detroit rapper Kash Doll expressed that she didn't have a boyfriend, and Keke shot her shot publicly with a retweet that said,

"What abt a girlfriend?"

Kash Doll played along and said,

"Only if it's ol girl that played chilli on the tlc movie." (Obviously Keke)

LesbiHonest, apparently Keke has a chance. Carry on!

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