Peep Which Hot Boy Just Released A Kim Kardashian Diss!


Turk is fed up with all of the women with the fake a-sses! He seems to be fed up the most with Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) I always thought the fake azz crave and trend was stupid.

It’s crazy that women are even risking their lives to get illegal/ black market procedures done to their booties!

I guess the final straw for Turk came when a photo of Kim Kardashian on vacation in Mexico surfaced. Looking at the photo, it’s unclear if the photo is not photoshopped or if it was photoshopped to make her look bad.

Turk has now released a disc, called “Big Bird” to Kim K and all women with alleged fake backsides. Turk wants you ladies to know that he believes that you look like an ostrich and Big Bird!

“A-ss used to be flat, now that a-ss too fat, need to get your money back, ’cause your legs don’t match,” Turk raps.

Unfortunately this song is wack and will fail to get any traction. We hear you though Turk; we hear you!