Peep Which Rapper Has Been Banned By Facebook For Hate Speech


Facebook is teaching rappers and activists a lesson by banning them for 30 days for alleged "hate speech."

(AllHipHop ) Awww man!

Facebook has banned rapper Lil B for 30 days over alleged hate speech! Say it ain't so.

Lil B has a pretty substantial online presence, so I'm sure his fans will miss his controversy for a month!

According to Motherboard, Lil B has been banned from the social media platform for 30 days for violating the company's hate speech policies.

Facebook quickly deleted the offending posts from his page.

Lil B tweeted to let his fans know that he had been banned for "talking about white people".

Facebook wasn't having it, and the rapper's page has been pretty silent since October 4.

Lil B has been very blunt with expressing how he feels about race issues in America.

B's Fans have been divided over his inflammatory rants. Some have praised him for speaking out with force while others believe that he had made some pretty broad generalizations about white people.

I'm sure the 30 day ban won't hold LIl B back at all.

He can certainly just move the party over to Twitter with his over a million followers.

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