Peep Which Rapper's Wife Drake Has A 6-Ft. Portrait Of!


Although Drake brings a whole new level to stanning for artists, you'd have to admit that he speaks to the fan in all of us.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake is the ultimate stan!

When Drake is not loving and leaving the A-listers, strippers and thots, he's somewhere lusting after the female R&B greats!

Drizzy recently posted an Instagram pic that shows just how much he loves the female R&B legends.

Remember, he's head over heels/ still in love with the late, great Aaliyah also.

Females love Beyonce, but not as much as the 6 God.

Drake apparently has a 6-foot tall portrait of Queen Beyonce in his home.

While some people were giving him the side eye on social media, others could certainly understand since many of us are in Bey's Beyhive. LOL.

That's just a rather large portrait of another man's wife..........then again it's Beyonce though, so I guess we understand. LOL.

Welp that makes a large portrait of Bey, a tattoo of Aaliyah, a tattoo of Sade, and a tattoo related to Rihanna.

Jay-Z keep your eyes peeled; the savage 6 God may be lusting and lurking. LOL!

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