Peep Why Cardi B Almost Quit The Rap Game!


2017’s breakout femcee describes her struggle to remain motivated after disappointment.

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) If there’s one thing about a boss…you can’t keep them down when the going gets tough.

That’s what we’ve learned this week about the rap phenomenon known as Cardi B.

She shared with her fans a very intimate, early part of her career that left her feeling down and unmotivated to keep going with her career aspirations.

The Bronx-native expressed how happy she was to be invited to feature on someone’s song.

“I felt like my verse was so poppin’”, she said before adding that eventually she was cut due to her small star status. She continued, “ almost teared me up so bad. I was like,’ I don’t wanna do this sh-t anymore’”.

Luckily for all of us, the Bodak Bombshell decided to stick with her passion and hold strong to faith, as she has had a fantastic year on the Billboard charts. With “Bodak Yellow” continuing to light up the airwaves. Along with her most recent features with the Migos & G-Eazy, she’s the perfect example of persistence paying off.

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It’s unfortunate that she didn’t. I mean outside of basically stealing someone’s entire song what has she done. She’ll fizzle out soon like every other stripper.


that would have been a bad move. i love <a href="">Cardi B</a>