Peep Why Clark Atlanta & Morehouse Are Beefing Over Chance The Rapper


Every college and university are going to try and recruit Chance The Rapper now!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It is evident that Chance The Rapper is definitely passionate about education from what he's done with Chicago schools and how he's given back to them.

It looks like Chance wants to further his own education now!

Chance took to Twitter to share that he'd always wanted to attend Clark University in Atlanta, GA, and that he needed some help signing up. He also said that he didn't want to receive an honorary degree; instead he wants the full college experience.

"I was tryna go to Clark ATL. I'm still tryna go. Like not honorary, the full blown ya dig. Can someone help me sign up," said Chance.

Clark replied saying,

"@chancetherapper, @CAUAlumRelation is here to help as well! Let's make it happen! #CAUBound #ATL #HBCU"

Morehouse college, which is also part of the Atlanta University Center, decided to shoot their educational shot at Chance real quick in an attempt to change his mind.

"The AUC is a great place to be. Morehouse is an even better House to call home,” they tweeted.

Clark put Morehouse in their place by Tweeting,

"He said #CAU. Stop the madness."

Should Chance go to Clark, Morehouse, or another institution?

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Can't lose either way.

No. 1-2

He should definitely go to The House! He will get all of the benefits of the Morehouse network as well as all of the social benefits of being at CAU.