Peep Why Kodak Black Walked Off Stage At Wild 'N Out!

Welp, Kodak may not be hitting any Wild 'N Out stages again, and it doesn't look like he cares!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ummmmm Kodak Black's performance at the Orlando Wild 'N Out concert didn't go so well Saturday night.

Footage of fans booing him as well as some pretty awful tweets have surfaced. Some fans said that the rapper was trash and that he forgot the words to his own songs. Apparently Kodak's music was skipping, and his mic was going in and out also.

Kodak has taken to Instagram to try to explain what really went down.

There is even a clip of Kodak's hit "Tunnel Vision" playing over an empty stage. At this point, it's clear that Kodak had left the stage.

Kodak claims that there are a number of reasons why the performance didn't go as planned.

He suggested that his performance was supposed to be a surprise, but promoters leaked the information ahead of the event.

"They leaked my surprise performance 3 times 😒 ‘breached of contract," he posted.

An Instagram post that promoted the appearance [tweeted out by Nick Cannon] has since been deleted.

Kodak could've put an end to the show completely, but he explained that he did more than the one song he was contractually obligated to perform.

“i Compromised !!!!! I Came ! i was pose to only do 1 song i ‘sorta’ did 3 songs for them well for the Individuals. wtf else those unappreciative mf’ers want?! Fux’em milk da promo out of it‼️" he posted.

Welp, Kodak may not be hitting any Wild 'N Out stages again.

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he wack anyway, he didnt want to get roasted