Peep Why They Are Shooting "Coming To America 2" At Rick Ross's House!

The Bawse Ricky Ross is doing more for Hip-Hop in a highly revered movie for the ages!

(AllHipHop Rumors) What!? I felt like a Lil Jon skit earlier! WHAT? HUH? OKKKK-AY! Apparently, Rick Ross is the biggest boss! The rapper's home will be prominently featured in the upcoming sequel for "Coming To America 2," with Eddie Murphy and them! I am on the fence with the movie, but definitely interested the more they say. So, "Say more!" Here is "more": Apparently Rick Ross has the biggest swimming pool in the United States of America! What? That's huge! This is the same mansion that was once owned by boxer Evander Holyfield. I suppose there are going to be some pretty amazing scenes.

For the record, these facts are not independently verified by illseed or They are, however, a statistical fact by the hood! Go Rozay!

We cannot yet decide what Ross's role will be in the movie, but I suspect:

I am telling you! Rozay has to come out of the Bawse shell and have some fun!

Here is a Photoshop rendering I happen to like.

Here is some music related news.

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