People Counting Cardi B's Money Are In For A Surprise

Cardi B clears up some things about her finances, for all to see on the social media.

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is an unwritten rule that all new or emerging rappers sign a 360 deal. That is not a real weird thing, if you are talking a few years ago. The music game is on an uptick now, but in the past, it was suffering. People have apparently been asserting that the self-proclaimed "King of New York" was signed to a 360 deal, which means a label is taking a percentage of everything you make (merch, tour, albums sales, and more). Check out what Cardi said.

Those that think Cardi is on a 360 deal are tripping. First of all she came to the table with an audience, she was on TV and then she had several mixtapes. Basically she was already poppin in a major way before she came forward with a deal with Atlantic. And now she is working much harder than anybody else. I mean, think about it....Nicki Minaj ain't even dropping a project until Bardi is all the way out of the game on maternity leave.