People Reconsider Kanye West For President!


A lot of people said they backed Kanye West for are thinking thrice.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This man has to be the greatest disappointment in the history of Hip-Hop music. Yesterday, Kanye West proclaimed that he is the founder of the Birthday party“ and will run against Donald Trump. Now we all know that this is the play and that play is to siphon votes from Joe Biden. It sounds legit insane to think we are that unintelligent. We are well aware that Kanye West is far too stupid to run against Donald Trump without being told to do so. And when I say stupid I mean politically stupid. I don’t mean that he is not gifted in other ways. This man has to be the greatest bozo alive, doing an interview with Forbes magazine, not a magazine noted for its Blackness and commitment to the community. Forbes was a financial institution last time I checked. So Kanye does this interview and is allowed to ramble in and impurify the air without any real cultural checkpoints. So, we get our soundbites and clickable moments.

The only thing that really is to take away from this interview is that Kanye West is a very sick man. He has a very well documented mental illness and is also medicated. ((Click here for the story essentially confirming this))) My driver's license recently was renewed and they told me that I had to disclose if I take medicine when I drive. There is no way in hell Kanye West is going to be that close to the red button to push nuclear arms and not disclose the medicine that he is on. 

Elon Musk, a man that has some mental challenges too, jumped out in front offering his full support of Kanye. Right after, he tweeted, “We may have more differences of opinion than I anticipated." LOL! I know a bunch of people that though it was a big, ol' joke until they peeped the details.Ol boy ain't even filed to run for president. You cannot just say you are running. You have to actually make filings, many of which have already passed. His running mate is somebody named Michelle Tidball, a Bible study maven. WHAT? 

I don't think either is qualified to even say the word "president," much less be one.