Petty King! 50 Cent Takes More Shots At Diddy!


At this point, I don't think 50 Cent will ever be respectful to Diddy or Irv Gotti.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The King of Petty strikes again!

50 Cent has been during promo and press runs to promote his BET show '50 Central' among other things.

During each visit, he makes sure to say something that's controversial as well as something that's comical.

50 has not only taken time out to claim that he plans on removing his enemy Irv Gotti's show 'Tales' from the network, but he's also taken time to go in on Diddy also as Diddy as once again topped the Forbes list for highest paid Hip Hop acts.

While 50 promoted his show, he also took time out to take a few shots at Diddy who was also featured alongside 50 and other artists on the multiple covers for XXL's 20th anniversary.

50 Cent, once again took a shot at Puff's sexuality, and he accused him of trying to alter the appearance of his eyes on the cover.

"I ran into Lee Daniels today, I had to keep a little distance. I said I know about all that freaky sh-t you and puffy and them be doing. Smh

N-gga tried to make his eyes look all glossy, This n-gga a fruit biscuit. LOL tune in 50Central 10:30 PM ON BET.

N-gga you ain't got no hazel eyes,unless that's like cataracts or some shit. LOL," posted 50.

Can somebody, anybody, find 50 Cent's chill! How did you like '50 Central'?

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50 is right about the eye thing, and yeah Puff is a fruit. He was spooning with French; he was chasing Usher around when they both were in their draws... SMH...


I can't believe he said that.


This nigga really needs to grow up. Hes to old for this shit.


50 you irrelevant ass so mad you ain't diddy or jigga... your music been trash since yo first album, all you do is pop up randomly as an internet troll... than you disappear... you suck ass nigga