Petty Season: With Papoose, Joe Budden, Wendy Williams, Drake And More

No possibility of any of this going lyrical so let us just enjoy the pettiness.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden and Papoose were cool at one point, I think. I honestly cannot remember it has been so long since either of them has been at the forefront of rap. But they are at the forefront of a lot of other stuff.

I am glad to see that Joe took that one on the chin. But, on Pap's side...that was a very low blow! I almost moved on not realizing everybody may or may not realize what is going on. Late last year, Joe Budden - in spectacular fashion - proposed to his lady and BM Cyn Santana. But, a few months later, it was over. She scrubbed her social media free of Joe Budden and poof....they went their separate ways. Joe has moved on and we don't really know what happened.

Wendy Williams Talks And Break Down...

Yesterday I posted something about Wendy Williams having a new man. Well, that same day, that young man was revealed, minus his identity. They are saying "Wendy got a boy toy." How much you wanna bet, he raps? Anyway, Wendy talked about her relationship and some other stuff like L.A., Blac Chyna the Kardashians. She ends up crying by the end of it all.

Raptors Fans Cheer When KD Got Hurt, But Not DRAKE!

Drake get a bad rap, but he definitely wasn't trolling after Kevin Durant got hurt. KD had missed a total of nine games and finally came back after straining his calf. Now people are saying something "popped!" I hope it wasn't his Achilles heel. Only MRIs and time will reveal if he comes back to the series. Drake - clearly upset - consoled Durant as he limped off the court.

Most people know by now that Drake has a KD and Curry tattoo on his arm. He now covers them up because he is an ambassador for the Raptors.