Poor Kids! Did Bow Wow Get Caught In Another Lie?

Deb Antney is not one to play with, and she reminds us as she gets Bow Wow together!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Someone check on Lil Bow Wow; he's taken yet another "L"!

Waka Flocka's mother, music executive Deb Antney recently put Bow on blast for skipping out on an appearance for children at the last minute.

Antney took to social media to call out Bow Wow after the rapper backed out of an appearance he was scheduled to attend.

Deb expressed that her issue with Bow was the fact that he willingly disappointed the young children who were eager to see him.

In an Instagram video, captioned "liar liar pants on fire," she said this might be one of the pettiest things she'd done before calling out Bow for leaving the kids hanging.

She said that Bow told her that he had to cancel because he had to get a shot before visiting Canada.

Deb said she never heard of any such shot, and Bow Wow replied to her by telling her that, he had strep throat and by telling her that she could've easily text him.

Deb is not trying to hear Shad out! Are you calling BS on Bow's claim?

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Who is the Barber that lined him up in the pic tho smh they pushed you back bruh... Damn this nigga from my city too...not a good look Shad smh