Post Malone Claims He Doesn't Make Rap Music


Photo via Post Malone's Instagram

Post Malone felt the need to clear the air and set the record straight about his music. He recently tweeted that he doesn't make Rap music.

"Just one time for the records.... I DON"T MAKE RAP MUSIC!"

said Post Malone. He went on to say,

"I wear what I want to wear, do my hair the way I want to, sing about what I want to. I mean that's just the way it is lol."

Many seem to be divided on his comment. Some feel that his music contains elements of rap, and he does rap to an extent. Some people even felt he used being a so-called rapper to rise to the top, get interviews and notoriety, and now he wants to say he doesn't make rap music? In a day and age when everyone seems to make genre-bending music, how would you categorize Post Malone?