Pretty Mexican Rapper Joins The Church Of Tekashi 69

Rapper takes clout chasing to new heights. Will it work?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Clout chasing is a full time job. There is this female Mexican rapper named No Foreign. I have never heard her music and I never heard of her until she apparently decided to tattoo "69" on her forehead. She put one there like 6ix9ne or Tekashi, but cleaner. Her jawn is almost perfect. I am no tat expert, but this looks like it could be real or it could be fake. Here is a run down.

The video looks like it seals the deal, but I am not completely convinced. If they can fake a landing on the moon, they can fake a tat. Tats generally need time to heal and then they scab up pretty heavily in that process. She added the first vid Aug 3 and a couple days later added a second vid with a perfect "69" on her head. People are pretty cool with this approach to fame, but I don't think it is going to work out for her.

She's a good looking chick with a thirsty disposition. She ain't that dumb. I'ma cry trolling and wait and see if she's gagged us all. No pun intented.

No. 1-1

69 is winning...