Problematic: Young Thug Calls Black Woman A Burnt Black Peasant Again


Colorism, anti-blackness, self-esteem issues and more! Is Young Thug alienating his black female fan base?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Young Thug has come under fire once again for another offensive remark he made at another black woman.

Remember last year Thugger got into an arguement with two women in the airport over a flight issue. He referred to the women as "nappy-headed peasants" who "looked African".

Black Twitter and Black Instagram drug him to hell and back then, but he only dug himself a deeper hole with an offensive "apology".

“BTW that message wasn’t to all my black women…… it was to those two black burnt women [laughing emoji], Thugger tweeted last year.

Many attributed it Young Thug's self-hate.

Someone said that with all the nail polish and dresses he wears, Young Thug is a burnt black woman himself.

Now Thugger is back with the bull as he replied to a commenter who referred to him as sis by saying,

"Black ugly burnt peasant watch your self."

Do better Thugger! SMH! What are your thoughts?

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And......that is not the emoji I used??? Wtf?


How a black burnt MoFo call somebody else black and burnt. I'm not even gonna go in on the "peasant" comment!!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️