Professor Griff Feels Russell Simmons Is The Real Public Enemy


Griff certainly had some choice words for music mogul Russell Simmons.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons has been in the news lately for his apparent alleged misconduct with women & rape allegations.

In an interview with the Murder Master Music Show**, Professor Griff**, the former Public Enemy member let his feelings about Russell Simmons and his alleged conduct be known.

"F-ck that bald-headed ass f-cking coward. He ain't never been sh-t.....He wanted to take credit for signing Public Enemy which he didn't. It was Rick that was interested in Public Enemy, not Russell. F-ck Russell.....Coward! Picking off girls and boys,” said Professor Griff.

These claims are startling seeing that Griff is a former Public Enemy member & the group was signed to Simmons' Def Jam Records.

Griff even called Russ a bald headed coward that has never been about shhhhh!

He also made it clear that Simmons always tried to take credit for discovering Public Enemy, when it was really Rick Rubin that was interested in the group.

Professor Griff also says that Russell was apparently allegedly messing with "girls and boys". Griff also took it a step further as he said that those that are being accused of sexual harassment and rape don't even act like they are innocent through their own body language.

Only time will tell the outcomes of these allegations against Russell Simmons, but the one thing we do know is Professor Griff is not feeling the claims!

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RICK RUBIN, the caucasian, was the REAL FORCE of creating what DEF JAM became, signing EVERY iconic artist that launched the millions of sales & worldwide impact, from LL COOL J to PUBLIC ENEMY, & BEASTIE BOYS - License To Ill - which has sold 20 Million Selling Albums! Russell was signing Oran Jones, Cheryl Riley & other artists you've never heard of......... Give credit where credit do!