Public Enemy's Prof. Griff Has Something To Say About Chuck & Flavor Flav


A Public Enemy Day-1 is talking about the bru-haha over Flavor Flav!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Some of you guys may not know who Professor Griff is, but he is one of the key members of Public Enemy that represented the militaristic side of the group. He's an official dude to the very core. 

Now, what you youngsters don't remember is that a very long time ago Professor Griff was kicked out of the group for a whole 'nother set of reasons. But at that time, Chuck D exercised his "power," but it was clear then that he was the one in control of the group's brand. 

Here is an hour-long conversation with Griff as well and this is more expansive than the previous convo. He talks about he and Chuck D and others got on the phone. He says he didn't agree with kicking Flavor Flav out and that the drama was way, way before Bernie Sanders. He didn't agree with Chuck "endorsing" Bernie Sanders. "Flavor needs help...more than anything," Griff said. He said Favor Flav gets the respect he deserves...word.

At the end of the day, this brings me great sorrow. 

Public Enemy is one of the greatest rap group EVER...they need to get it together!! We need them out there fighting for us so we can be inspired.

At the end of the day, BROTHER IS WORKING IT OUT!