Pure Comedy! Future & Cher's Gap Ad Gets Hilariously Roasted!

Do you believe in love after lean? LOL Future and Cher's Gap Ad is one of the most interesting ones we've seen.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Future and Cher's Gap fall campaign certainly turned the internet upside down, and comedy ensued.

Pairing them together was interesting enough, then they proceeded to croon an autotuned remix of Sly & The Family Stone's "Everyday People."

Many thought this was a parody or a skit.

Let's just say the people had jokes for daysssssss. Someone said that they thought the picture of them was photoshopped, while others said next thing we know, Cher and Future will be a "couple".

Do you think that pairing these two was genius or too forced? One of their ads said "Idol meets icon" and someone asked what Future was supposed to be because Cher was both. LOL.

All I know is someone said, "Do you believe in love after lean," and I died. Check out some of the hilarious responses below.

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Got admit, Cher is looking kinda nice in those jeans. I'll smash.


That was different. Cher does look good to be in her 70's, though she probably has had some plastic surgery done. Future is just kind of weird to me, and his dress style is suspect...