Quavo’s Got A New Girl!

She's a sweetie on the mic and apparently for Quavo too!

(AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, I dont know the old girl! But it seems like Quavo of The Migos is now dating Saweetie, I cant lie, I know of Saweetie, but not that much. Shes a pop YouTube star, but has yet to fully break out. Shes been interviewed by people like E-Bro and beyond but not so much on the pop side, where Migos live. One thing about her is that she is SWEET, like her name suggests. Check out what is in circulation online.

Shes definitely been around the young King a lot. I hope they both stay focused and grow, because they can be a force.

And on that note, Im out.

Here are some of Saweetie's videos.

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1st time hearing her... an I wish I had left it at looking.