QUESTION: Are Mass Shootings Staged?

What is behind the rash of mass shooting that is plaguing the United States?

(AllHipHop Rumors) OK. This is not my wheelhouse, but I have seen enough chatter about this to wonder what is going on. Is America this sick? I am looking at the chatter beyond the headlines and am curious what people think about this nation that these mass shootings are "staged." Somebody made mention of the "Grassy Knoll" and I had to look it up. It now makes sense: " The grassy knoll on the northwest side of Dealey Plaza has become legendary among conspiracy theory buffs as the purported site of a second shooter involved in the JFK assassination. (WIKI)" Well, they are basically saying that there were other shooters at the scene of the murders in El Paso. The El Paso Police tweeted this, but they would later recant, saying there was only on shooter.

Some don't believe though. I admit that people don't have a big leg to stand on in this case, beacause they are not privy to the facts. If somebody is privy to some otherness with the shooter or shooters, they are not going to be able to comment on it anyway. As a person that was born and raised in the US of A, it is hard to grasp the notion that this nation of ours is falling into a cesspool of dung! So, I kept googling and I see that there are a number of articles addressing the people that are saying that the mass shootings are staged.

BuzzFeed wrote a story called "Trolls And Far-Right Figures Kept Spreading Their Same Old Hoaxes Even During The El Paso And Dayton Shootings." (Click here for that) In the story, they run down a host of matters that are faked and falsified after these things happen.

Hours after the shooting, the suspect was identified as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius and the attack is being treated as “domestic terrorism” by authorities — he’s not in a cartel. The shooter had posted a document filled with explicit anti-immigrant, white nationalist hatred — he’s not an anti-fascist. At least 22 people were killed and 26 injuredin the attack.

But even after those facts were established, efforts to mischaracterize the shooter’s motivations continued. The disinformation campaigns followed a familiar framework, said Joan Donovan, the director of the Technology and Social Change Research Project at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center.

“It’s starting to feel normal, that’s the problem,” Donovan told BuzzFeed News. “Tactics are modular, so what we end up having is not just a crisis where someone has gone off and murdered people to get attention, you also have a bunch of people using the opportunity to get attention to frame groups they’re in political competition with.”

Here is a list of things another site offered to avoid the news that may not be true.

Be very careful about what you are sharing on your social media. Sharpen your attention to avoid being the one spreading false information in such a painful moment.

Give preference to sharing official information. Keep an eye on law enforcement’s social media channels, for example.

Before sharing a piece of content (a claim, a photo, a video or audio), make sure you rely on that source. Check if there is more than one reliable source publishing the same information before forwarding this to anyone.

Remember one thing: The closer to a fact the source is, the better the information tends to be.

Don’t trust anonymous sources. Don’t share anonymous photos or videos. If a story doesn’t have a source nor a link, it is not a story.

Remember false news producers will try to appeal to your feelings. Don’t share information about attackers, victims or missing people if they don’t come from official sources. - Source

The only issue is what IS an official source. We know the media is an extension of the government so who are we to AUTOMATICALLY trust them? America already has over 250 MASS SHOOTING this year alone. Something is going on. Back to the question: are white dudes this crazy in America? Is America sinking this fast!