R&B Singer Gets Roasted For Photoshopping FaceTime With Nipsey Hussle

Did Spectacular of Pretty Ricky violate internet laws against clout chasing?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I never loved Pretty Ricky from the name on down. But, when member names like Spectacular I was never onboard with it. And now, the world feels like I do. Spect (I will no longer use his full name) posts a picture on social media that suggests that he was on FaceTime with Neighborhood Nip.But, upon further examination, it is hard to tell if this is authentic. In the post, he says, "Crazy you gone bruh @NipseyHussle. We never got to get that sit down and talk business because of our busy schedules. I know that convo was going to be epic."

Now, how would that convo be epic? Needless to say, it didn't go over well for the ol' dude. Most people accused the guy of clout chasing and the others said he was simply photoshopping a picture of himself on a pic of Nipsey. It sure looked like some nonsense to me. But, in his defense, if I had a pic with Nipsey, they would call me out for clout chasing too. But, Spect doesn't have that...he has a photoshopped image that he made on his 2006 desktop Mac. I am happy for them to tour with B2K and The Ying Yang Twins.

Anyway, this was wack.