R&Beef! It’s Trey Songz Vs. Everybody!


Trey Songz told y’all that he didn’t give a f-ck about nothing literally on his recent Breakfast Club interview.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Although Trey Songz says he doesn’t want to fight, as he just wants to get money, he’s certainly been involved in some controversy lately.

Trigga said he has those hands, but fighting at 32 doesn’t prove anything. Trey has been really blunt in his feelings lately.

Trey Songz says Nicki Minaj came at him wrong, but he still loves her. Trey also says that Nicki didn’t have sh-t before their collaboration “Bottoms Up”. During the same Breakfast Club interview, Trey said while he isn’t into fighting at this stage in his life, August Alsina was talking reckless in the past, but he wasn’t really trying to fight him then, and he seemed to hint at the fact that August Alsina didn’t want those kind of problems.

August Alsina didn’t take too well to the comments as he jumped on Instagram claiming that he’d offered the fade to Trey a time or two.

“When n-ggas mention yo name in a interview talking bout catching fades but you already offered several fades years ago and will STILL gladly beat his goofy ass & then be cool later 🙂 😒 @treysongz @breakfastclubam #NeverTalkingCrazyAlwaysTalkingTRUTH
Stretch before you reach next time nigxa! And don’t mention my name. (Back to the Real World, where real problems exist.) ✌️ ,” posted August.

Remember BET seemingly made them make up a few years back by having them all take the stage to perform the remix to August’s “I Luv This” remix at one of the BET Awards.

As if that wasn’t enough drama for Trey. A video of him popping off at some fans in a club has surfaced as well. Trey told the fans,

“Y’all can move, Y’all can move. I’m with every inch of the sh-t n-gga. You talking from over there n-gga come on.”

Listen strange things start to happen when Trey grows his hair out. I ain’t stopped laughing since Trey destroyed that stage in Detroit. Is it time to drug test Tremaine? LOL.