R. Kelly Gets A Virtual Eye Jammie From Social Media; Is Vince Staples SAFE?


Is this the face of a creepy dude? Well, the internet won't let Kellz even tweet without an epic clapback!

(AllHipHop Rumors) R. Kelly simply won't go away! The alleged (or is that confirmed) pedo is out here doing what creepy people do. But, is it creepy? When you are creepy, everything you do is creepy. You can say "Hi" and somebody is going to question that. This may be what happened to R. Kelly when he quoted himself. It was the clapback heard all over the Twitter-verse.


Recently, Kelly has been accused of having sex dungeons, grooming young ladies to be his sex "pets" and a bunch of otherness that has people looking at him like this:


Kelly needs to just go into hiding and especially stay off social media.

On another note, I wonder if Vince Staples is safe! He went in on R. Kelly to such an extent that Kellz allegedly got his boys on him! RELEASE THE HOUNDS!