R. Kelly Loses His Mind In Interview Where He Says He's "Fighting For His Life!"

The Latest in R. Kelly emerges as he has done another grandstanding interview with Gayle King!

(AllHipHop Rumors) R. Kelly done lost all his marbles! First of all, he decides to actually do an interview as he has pending pedo charges. He did this before with Toure too! That time he got off, but I don't see it going down like this this time. Secondly, he did a whole acting routine within the interview. He was hooting and hollering (see above image). This man must think this is a game. I don't know why he wouldn't try to lay low until the trial comes up, but he's such a sociopath, I be he thinks he can sway public opinion. Gayle King kinda played him by posting pictures of their interaction.

But it was the interview what was the real win. And Kellz was going for the Oscar here!

R. Kelly fans are still supporting and crying foul in the interview. I believe they are crazy too. The whole interview drops in the morning.

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

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He aint acting, that's his real emotions coming out. Cuz he know this might b it.