R. Kelly's Chicks Fighting On IG!


All is not well in poly-paradise with R. Kelly and his mini harem!

(AllHipHop Rumors) R. Kelly remains imprisoned for a myriad of infractions related to alleged sexual improprieties. Well, R also has a pair of women that he "goes with" and they are out here in the world and it appears that things are truly falling apart. They are on the internet fighting each other crazy. But, what is the true message. 

There's more. 

I have to admit...I don't know these chicks. This really makes me bad at this job, but I really don't care. However, over at Lipstick Alley...they know it all. Here is a synopsis from somebody with knowledge and time.

-Azriel says Jocelyn came up to her with another woman named Kimberly
-Said Jocelyn attacked her twice
-Says she would like to press charges on Jocelyn
-Says to Jocelyn in first video that Jocelyn slept with her as a minor
-Says Jocelyn gave their keys to another woman (Kimberly)
-Says Kimberly came up to the apartment to get Jocelyn’s stuff
-Says Kimberly is a handler for Robert and does all his dirty work from jail
-Azriel says she told Kimberly that Jocelyn needs to be present to get her belongings
-Azriel says that she had people in the room that she trusts for protection
-Says Jocelyn came to pick up Robert’s Grammys and awards
-Says Jocelyn told her that she was wrong
-Says that she told Jocelyn that she’s going to jail because she slept with a minor — which was herself (Azriel)

What I find most interesting is she may be turning on R. Kelly. Azriel admits that R. Kelly has been lying and that they lied for him. Says she wants Joycelyn in jail with her man. “He had people like me lying for him. That’s why we never watched the documentary. We got on Gayle King as stupid as can f*cking be.”

There is the saying: THINGS FALL APART!

R. Kelly's brother has thrown his brother under the bus fast! 

The older Kelly faced child pornography charges related to the tape in 2008, six years after it first emerged, but was acquitted by a jury after the alleged victim did not testify.

In the new Lifetime documentary series, the follow-up to last year’s "Surviving R. Kelly," Carey says: “He was asking me, ‘You need to say that was you.’ Commit a crime pretty much to say that was me on the tape with a minor.

“Perjure myself in a court of law and risk jail time for some stuff that didn’t have anything to do with me? He was saying, ‘Man, I’ll buy you a car, I’ll buy you a record deal, I’ll give you $50,000.’ I said, ‘Let me tell you something, man. You ain’t got enough money for me to say that’s me. Because it ain’t worth me selling my soul.”

Azriel is taking this to the next level though and it could mean that R. Kelly is going to have another problem. 

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Azriel R. Kelly