R. Kelly Tells His Haters They Are 30 Years Late Trying To Get Him!

AllHipHop Staff

Video surfaces of the R&B singer expressing his thoughts about his naysayers

By Ne' Richa (@ IAmNeRicha)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Like Cosby, R. Kelly can’t seem to shake the bad reputation he’s earned with the ladies.

For almost 20 years, Kelly has kept quite mum about his personal feelings concerning his court case, scandalous videos, and most recently, allegations of him having a “sex cult.”

Well, the hush-hush has finally been broken!

A video was leaked yesterday catching the High Hefner of Soul mid-speech as he, quite arrogantly, proclaimed that his critics should have “did this 30 years ago,” “it’s too late”, and that he’s “handcuffed by my destiny.”

While we’re not sure that the millennials are really sweatin’ Kellz like the good Ol days (Chris Brown is the crowd favorite), we can’t argue that his confidence may still take him far.

It’s undeniable that his musical genius is stapled into R&B history. But, where is the line drawn when it comes to decency? Kelly seems certain that his off-stage antics will not deter his future success, but that may have just been the booze and ego talking (his speech was a bit slurred).

Hopefully, he’s not out here scopin’ playgrounds for his next date, and in the meanwhile, good luck finding his music on a popular Spotify playlist.