Rah Ali Believes Remy Ma Is A Hypocrite In Regards To Her Friendship With Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma will probably have a lot to say about her former best friend, Rah Ali, after she see's this interview.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rah Ali recently sat down with Raquel of TMZ's Rock Topics to give Raq the scoop!

Of course everyone knows Remy Ma and Rah Ali aren't best friends anymore, and everyone knows that Remy and Nicki Minaj are still beefing. Rah caught a lot of backlash as she was accused of switching sides and becoming "besties" with her former best friend's enemy, Minaj.

Rah has now taken time to clear the air and explain that her and Nicki had a relationship long before Remy and Nicki decided that they would beef with each other.

"I was already in a friendship with that person. We were already cool. So if Remy is allowed to form new friendships with people that I already have problems with.....Because it's you I'll just speak freely. Everyone knows Yandy and I have a dislike for each other. We are not friends. Remy and I got into an argument and she starts to hang out with my enemy. But she gets a pass.

I already have a relationship with someone. She and I aren't on the best of terms and it's not brand new. We didn't just stop not being the best of friends. It's been about a year, at that time it had been about a year and a half, and they expect me to stop speaking to someone I'm already cool with just because they don't get along. I always say loyalty and stupidity are two different things. It's a huge difference," said Rah.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Rah is lying, or do you think she really was friends with Nicki already. Regardless of if she was really friends with Nicki or not already, she definitely pulled the ultimate petty move by linking with Nicki and even being mentioned and featured in Nicki's video.

I still want Nicki and Remy to make up and get on a track together. LOL.

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