Ralo Clarifies His "Body Shaming" Comment About Karrueche

The social media critics and body shamers just won't let little ol' Karrueche be great.

(AllHipHop Rumors) While Karrueche is usually praised for her good looks, the actress faced much body-shaming criticism when she decided to put a photo of herself in a bikini online.

Karrueche clapped back at the haters telling them that they shame natural bodies but praise fake ones. She also said that constant negativity and criticism online makes it hard for people to love themselves.

Among the comments online was a standout comment from rapper Ralo. He told Karrueche that she looked better with clothes on. I guess this could be interpreted a number of ways with it either being interpreted as she didn't look good half naked in bikinis, or maybe he was saying she doesn't have to get naked for the gram because she looks just as amazing in clothes. Ralo decided to record a video addressing his comment.

"Listen here. So you gonna get mad at me because I told the little chick she looks better with clothes. Some people look better in clothes. I ain't say she was ugly. I just said she look better with clothes on. Getting mad at me. TF man. Everybody need to tell her to put on some clothes. I think she very attractive, don't get me wrong.....Don't keep coming at me because I said wtf I wanted to say, I don't even dog no MF female or nothing like that," said Ralo.

Quavo also low-key defended his rumored boo Karrueche with a tweet that said,

"She So N A T U R A L 🙌🏾"

Why didn't he @ her though?! LOL.

Do you think people are making Ralo's comment bigger than what is really was?

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Look at her picture, You looking indifferent or look for a mention? You look for attention? Starving for it? Its almost so, off collar you trip she take off her clothes. Probably yo, you Looking for Darlington? & Bobby knows. A backhand compliment from a black man with confidence is a contradict. Only the crotch that you in, give a fck how hard or cocky you is. Always talk what you did. Do it. & stfu. Brag you sell drugs to your brother, then after they fckd up you throw back they money and swear you did something yet screaming out Allah. Screaming you real. Be real with yourself you look in the mirror. You wouldnt dare whisper that filth if you really thought Allah was here. Salam

I like Ralo! That tape he just put out has some heat on it...Ralo Laflare...Trap Star Lifestyle, Don't need them, Sometimes.. are all dope!!