Random Sunday BS In Hip-Hop

There is so much crazy stuff going like who is missing teeth, and who has beef and...who's getting beat.

(AllHipHop Rumors) All Hip-Hop is is a reflection of what is going around us. For example, Jadakiss of The Lox clowing his homie for having clothing that is too baggie. Remember, Jadakiss is in his early 40's and was prominent in several eras of rap. However, he has always managed to update his swatter. Well.....his homie did not. Look at it.

Does Juelz Santana have teeth or what?

I sweard, the internet really does THE MOST! I didn't think there was any question as it whether or not the homie Juelz Santana has teeth or not! We are on the eve of yet another Dip Set reunion! I think my dude has TEETH! Anyway, here is where the controversy started.

In the video for "Sauce Boyz", the youngest of The Diplomats seems to be missing his fronts! Dude! Let me tell you, I did a forensic analysis of the video and the facts are the facts. Juelz has his teeth! if you look close in the SAME frame, you can see his teeth right around the 2:12 mark. The screen grab is just a meant to joke on Juelz.

Watch the whole video.

Just when you thought Boonk Gang was cleaning up...

Boonk Gang, the thief and prankster turned rapper, is now accused of attacking a video director. Check out what he had to say about it.

Somebody at AllHipHop literally just posted this earlier today about Boonk getting off drugs.


Quando Rondo Calls Kevin Gates a “P***y a** N***a”

What is going on with these two

https://www.instagram.com/p/BqBq588lDbX/? I have no idea.