Rapper Fakes His Own Shooting For Promo!

Fans are relieved after finding out Florida rapper Project Youngin wasn’t harmed in a shooting incident.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Last week Florida rapper Project Youngin was reportedly shot while on Instagram Live.

The footage was captured on the Instagram platform and quickly circulated online.

Fans began to pray for the young rapper and express their sympathy over the incident. Most began waiting to hear updates about the recording artists condition after the shooting.

However, things would then take a strange turn after Project Youngin reemerged on social media.

The rapper would release a visual for his latest single "Thug Souljas."

The visual would include footage from the Instagram Live recording and would show Project Youngin wearing the same clothing as in the previous video.

Fans quickly realized that what they previously thought was a serious incident was only scripted, as Project Youngin used the opportunity to create a narrative for his new video.

A video that touched on the violence that affects young entertainers who use social media as a means of promotion.

Feelings were mixed after fans realized Project Youngin faked his shooting for a visual.

Especially after another Rapper, Aselineko from Atlanta, was shot and seriously wounded during the same week.