Rapper Gets Totally Naked In Rap Video!


Princess Nokia is one dope rapper, but people are talking about her for another reason today.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Princess Nokia is a New York rapper that I am not fully familiar with, to be honest. That's not a statement about her, but more of a statement about me. Either way, she has gotten my attention and the attention of a lot of rap fans. Her new song "Balenciaga" has people talking quite a bit. It has nearly surpassed half a million views organically and for good reason. Not only is the song solid - SPOILER - she strips totally naked by the end of the video. I am not mad at her! "Don't do this sh#t to be famous...I do this sh#t because I love it," she has said in the past! And I think we do to!

Remember when Erykah Badu did something similar? 

I ain't mad at any of it! Art is art! 

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The fucc eeww


First of all she needs to keep her clothes on because her body was nothing to look at. And how stupid is it for her to copy what Erykah Badu has already done, to me it was a dig and it wasn’t a good one.


First off, THIS SONG SUCKS and the video is way too corny yo! 😂 ! Yup. We are too stupid to see the repercussions of weak talent with a naked token so I digress. Whatever is whatever.