Rapper Learns It Is Best To Keep Mouth Closed With R. Kelly!

Game stands accused in the court of public opinion.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ahhhhh...Game. The Game is one of the dopest rappers ever. Yeah, I said it and he is Top 5 DOA West Coast edition! BUT....The Innanets, mayyyyyyne! They don't forgive and they don't forget. There are times when they have it all wrong, but they are going to say something when they can. Such is "the game." The Game posted what appeared to be a doting, honest statement about the R. Kelly situation. He talked about Black women and treating them right and good and all this other stuff.

Check out what he posted.

I won't even publish some of the comments that lit up like a Christmas Tree on the eve of Jesus's fake birthday. Mayne! I am not sure if The Game even put this on his own IG, but if he did, he took it down fast! See, Game might be a dope rapper and a dope father, but he's been accused of a couple of improprieties as a man. In 2015, he lost a sexual assault case against him. Part of that was because the Compton rep didn't bother to show up to court. Owes the victim over $7 million in default monies. On the other side, some have stated that The Game, nearly 40 was dating a then 17-year old India Love. Well....Ima stop now before I get beat up.