Rappers Getting Arrested Left And Right! See Who Is In Jail!

Arrests and freedom. Some coming and others going.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Now, I am not here to diss anybody or kick them while they are down. That said, I'd like to promote my dude's song, "Malcolm" for you all to revisit.

That said, the lil homie G-Herbo is in jail in Atlanta, arrested for battery. Now, this isn't really rumors, but lets just say it is, because I hate to see brother man down. And yet, here we are. G Herbo's ex, Ari, is now dating a boxer boxer AND pregnant! So, Herbo stands accused of hitting a pregnant woman! And yet she was out with her man Gervonta and Herbo was there too. They were not cool. So it seems like the beef stemmed from the Tuesday partying. Herbo has a $2000 bond and is still in jail. Herbo is one of the best in-class of the Chicago rappers, but maybe the fate many have succumbed to has found him too.

Now, Taxstone ain't a rapper, but he is presently in jail for some ish related to a shooting by Troy Ave. I can't remember. But, it looks like he's coming home soon!

You think? My sources could not confirm for sure if he was coming home, but they could say that he has been fighting ferociously to get back in free world.

And here is Bill Kapri:

Kodak Black! Click the link below to see how KB tried to get in Canada! He must not know a THANG!