Ras Kass Goes In On BET Over Eminem Trump Diss!

Ras Kass has something to say and he's saying it to BET! Check out what he gotta say over the Eminen stuff!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The man known at Ras Kass is a lyrical beast, a monster among men. But, he never popped off the way somebody like I thought he should. Have you ever heard “Nature of the Threat”? That song is one of the most epic songs ever created. OUCH! I mean, it was full of so much hard truth, I am sure they had to shut Ras Kass down!

However, peep what he said about the whole BET/Eminem/Trump fiasco:

Are there any lies?

Check out “Nature of the Threat”, a song that came out in the 90’s.

And just in case you thought something changed, this is Ras Kass in 2017.

The facts are evident, especially if you are a rapper that fights this fight every single day. Now, I don’t think guys are upset with Eminem per se. He’s just doing his thing. He’s represented these things in the past with “White America” being the more obvious song.

@ChuckCreekmur That's true but it has nothing to do with what I'm saying. Em has always done what he wants, says what he wants. I'm simply saying not one big name rappers was doing what he did that evening. He's dope for that. Even though it was spoken word and was OK. I'm not asking them to spit it with the vitrol Em did. I'm saying they didn't do anything.

Rass Kass is on-point as normal. Props to Em for standing up. BET is definitely a joke to not be taken seriously; the E is for entertainment, not enlightenment. Conscious rap was knocked out the box a good 20 years ago because it planted ALOT of seeds and informed ALOT of young folks during a time when being young, Black, conscious and educated was cool and celebrated in the music and on the big and small screen. The powers that be HAD to shut that shit down because we were in a strong position to challenge the status quo. I'm sure the murder of Tupac Shakur was related to all this as well because his audience was huge and his message got the ears and the respect of many. Consciousness will never be silenced though; it just has to find a new medium to reach those looking for it.

First off I'm not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form....but am I the only one that thought that so-called 'freestyle' was trash? I feel like all the people who've never listened to rap music and also hate Trump are the ones propelling this thing into the stratosphere. if Joe Blow spit that same rhyme he'd be laughed outta the building. That's an awfully hot coffee pot? C'mon Em you're better than that...

Yeah it wasnt his best free style but given the fact that em has ripped so many BET cyphers i would just take it as the man just had something to say. But on some real shit niggas getting mad because he white and hes speaking up for us but all those other MC could have used this platform to speak up as well. Who gives a fuck if hes white. Its 2017 we all need to get off that race shit, its fucking corny ass hell

hes absolutely correct. . . im still wondering why Fat Joe hasn't gotten any praise for his freestyle which to me was a gajillion times better than what slimenim offered. bet is trash. i stopped watching 106 started playing justin beiber and justin timberlake videos. once black entertainment television started catering to the caucasions and then ultimately got rid of all music shows, it was pointless to even turn to them. and yes. . . there are plenty of other african american or artist of color period who could have said the same thing and much better. no need for this white man to speak for the black community