Ras Kass Lashes Back At Joyner Lucas In "Smoke Break"

What was Joyner Lucas thinkng?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I'm not sure what made Joyner Lucas go at Ras Kass. When I heard it on the diss aimed at Tory Lanez, it struck me as odd. This is the same man that created "The Nature of the Threat." Honestly, I think Joyner was just trying to find words to rhyme in his song. It just didn't make sense to me! Then, I was thinking maybe he got dissed back in the day or something and he is harboring some sort of anger towards the OG. Anyway, the retaliation doesn't really warrant this going any farther. Ras got his sh#t off and that's about it.

This was just a strange turn of events.

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Rass always had bars, but Joyner better