Rate Eminem's Daughter Haillie's Bars

Eminem's kid Haillie is a chip off the ol' block with bars!

EDIT: This is NOT Eminem's kid. This is somebody else that raps. Sorry. - illseed.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This really isn't a rumor, but it ain't news either. Eminem's daughter Haillie is all grown up and is now rapping. I think they have been planning this all along. She has bars! She definitely does NOT sound like her dad, thank God! That would be extremely typical. She does seem like she has the old school sensibilities of her dad. She sort of reminds me of Jaden Smith when he first started rapping.

Check out Hallie and give me your feedback.

She's been around a minute. Remember when Eminem featured her on a song?

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That's not Halie, that's not his daughter...


Beauty and the beast why can't I be both though. I like that line.