Real Housewife of Atlanta Soon to be a Wife No More

NFL star Kordell Stewart to Divorce Real Housewife of Atlanta

You could tell by the way they interacted on Real Housewives of Atlanta that former NFL superstar Kordell Stewart ran the show with and his young wife Porscha. Now it appears that Kordell is running straight to divorce court. In the court divorce papers filed Kordell says the marriage is "irretrievably broken" and claims the two are currently separated. He's also objecting to paying Porscha, as self described Atlanta socialite, any spousal support. The couple were married for less than two years.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season as already finished taping with the final episode and three-part reunion special airing over the next month. Wonder if Porscha will stay on next season but if she does she'll definitely have to change her opening title soundbite of "People say I have a picture-perfect life, and I do!"