Remy Ma Goes In On Fan Over Big Pun



(AllHipHop Rumors) One person not to play with is Remy Ma!

Remy recently clapped back at a fan who brought up Big Pun's past history with domestic violence on a post that was celebrating his birthday.

Although fans usually look forward to celebrity clapbacks as they are usually funny, witty, well deserved, and entertaining, fans were none too pleased with the way Remy Ma handled this one.

Given the fact that Pun did in fact pistol whip his wife, Remy may have wanted to sit this one out.

Fans felt like Remy was defending a woman beater and displaying her own violent nature (as she went to jail on assault charges after shooting a friend during an altercation).

Rumor has it that Pun's kids have been vocal about not missing him because living with him was chaotic and violent to say the least.

The fan wrote,

"He pistol whipped his wife.. I'm not so sure she's missing him right now."

Remy replied by saying,

"Always gotta be one dumb ass stupid ass ignorant ass b-tch to say something negative, I'm sure you're nobody's wife & you obviously never got pistol whipped cuz you run ya f-ckin mouth to much... now get ya hating Harriet ass off my brother page- HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUN."

Other fans commented saying that people shouldn't get offended about the truth. Most just wanted to know how could one make light of the situation, and what was Remy actually try to say with,

"You obviously never got pistol whipped cuz you run your mouth too much."

Editor's note: Pun's wife/widow did celebrate his life and birthday and actually holds him down extremely hard in life and social media.

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