Reports: John Singleton To Be Taken Off Life Support Today


John Singleton is still with us, but his situation is dire. Prayers up!

UPDATE: I am saddened to report that John Singleton will be taken off life support today. May his soul rest in peace.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let me tell you all something. The rumor mill by Illseed does not deal in DEATH often. There are a lot of times when you "hear" somebody has died and it never makes it to the AllHipHop rumors page! We only put out positive energy in that regard. That said, the rumors about beloved director John Singleton are NOT TRUE. Right now, the creator of Boyz-N-Tha-Hood is still among the living. This does not mean there is cause to celebrate. Mr. Singleton is now unconscious and unresponsive...basically a coma. People like Tyrese are going through it HARD and for good reason! John Singleton is a good dude and he's changed people's lives! He's changed my life! Even with just the movie: "Boyz n the Hood."

Salute, KING!

Roughly a week ago, John Singleton suffered from a stroke, to which I assumed he would be OK. Then he went into a coma and that was not what I was expecting. The 51 year old was the FIRST Black film maker to be nominated for best director. He gave us OG classics like "Boyz n the Hood" and "Poetic Justice," but recently presented us with the show "Snowfall."


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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Just say no to drugs. now he can chill wit 2pac and Marilyn monroe....john singleton belongs to the ages.


Peace to him and his family...