REVEALED: Why Tyga Went Berserk At Floyd Mayweather's Party!

The mystery is almost over, and it ain't pretty.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I can't lie.I don't feel like doing these rumors. But, since I have to, I will. A few day ago Tyga was booted from a 42nd birthday party for the one and only present day GOAT of boxing, Floyd Mayweather. And Tyga, stil a star, was there. It was reported that he got kicked out after he was in an altercation with a man in the club. Nobody quite understood what would make a dude as soft natured as Tyga to go insane for that moment. Well, we now know. The good people over at TMZ have broken yet another magical, mysterious Hollywood rumor wide OPEN! Peep:

Tyga got booted from Floyd Mayweather's birthday bash over 2 very common issues for the rapper -- money and the repo man.

Witnesses inside the Sunset Room tell TMZ ... moments before Tyga got dragged out of the club, he was approached by several men from whom he had leased a white Maybach -- and not in a friendly way.

We're told Tyga had a deal to pay $6,000 a month for the Maybach, but he fell behind on his payments and the men had the luxury car repo'd last month. So, when they crossed paths at the party, an argument eruptedand Tyga started threatening the men.

What I don't get is...doesn't this man have an business managers or accountants to handle his life? What anger issues does he have that he would be cool with shooting somebody at a club? At least hire a professional with the money you would otherwise pay for a damn Maybach!


Simone Grant
Simone Grant

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