Richard Pryor's Ex-Wife Says It's "Wishful Thinking" That Comedian Wasn't Gay

AllHipHop Staff

Richard Pryor's ex-wife has some words for his daughter as reports keep coming out saying the comedian was gay.

By Ne' Richa (@iAmNeRicha)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rain Pryor is NOT here for Hollywood’s recent obsession with her late father Richard Pryor's sexual history.

She took to her Facebook page to air her grievances for all the rumors floating around about her father’s bisexual tendencies.

This directly contrasts with what Jennifer Pryor, Richard’s ex-wife, proclaimed about her late husband’s promiscuities. Rain states, “Why this sudden need to drag Daddy through the Hollywood mud? I find it tasteless and infuriating.”

Rain points out that there were never any trysts between her father and Marlon Brando, but Jennifer Pryor’s diary receipts beg to differ.

All in all, no one really knows Richard’s true history, but if his diary excerpts prove proves that he may have done more than what his daughter would like to think.

It should be noted that the introduction to the Pryor book, "Pryor Convictions and Other Life Sentences," will be written by Tiffany Haddish. She was mentored by Pryor, and may even be able to shed a little more light on the private side of Pryor.

In addition to cashing checks for the Pryor book, Haddish stands to see a good coin for her new HBO series, “Unsubscribed,” which is going to delve into the background look of the Instagram hustle for pretty girls with a good filter.

2018 is clearly the year exposing the unexposed!