Rihanna's Uncle Reportedly Caught Selling Knock-Offs Of Her Puma Line


Bad gal Rihanna come get your uncle!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It is hard out here man!

Uh oh! Apparently Rihanna’s uncle is in some pretty serious trouble!

Leroy Fitzgerald Brathwaite has reportedly been charged with selling knock-offs from his own niece's Puma line!

According to Barbados’ newspaper Nation News, Leroy has been charged under the Fair Trading Commission’s (FTC) Consumer Protection Act.

The ironic part is the fact that bad gal RiRi was the one who noticed all of the fake Puma gear!

Ri reportedly noticed that her knock-offs were being sold on Swan Street when she returned to Barbados.

She reported it to her Puma rep who flew to the island and made the police report.

Leroy has apparently appeared in court and plead not guilty.

The Nation News also reports:

“He also denied that in trade or commerce, he engaged in conduct, to wit, exposed for sale goods bearing the trademark known as Puma which would mislead the public as to the nature of the goods. Leroy was further charged that with a view to gain for himself or another, or with intent to cause loss to another and without the consent of the registered owner of a trademark Puma, he exposed for sale goods which bear the sign Puma, and which were likely to be mistaken for the registered trademark Puma. That charge was also dated May 29, 2017.”

He would've been better off getting some autographed ones from Ri and auctioning them off. Carry on.

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