Rihanna's Valerian Premiere Appearance Sparks Pregnancy Rumors!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Bad gal RiRi recently turned heads with her appearance at the Valerian premiere for more reasons than just her breathtaking beauty!


Rihanna's fan are starting to speculate [again] about the possibility of Rihanna being pregnant.

Rihanna wore a very loose fitting dress to the premiere, so no one could see an obvious growing belly if there was one.

It was the increase in the size of her breasts that seemed to catch everyone's attention. Now there's two things I know: some women's breasts get bigger when they gain weight, and some dresses make women's breast look bigger by the way they are propped up or positioned.

The internet already went crazy a few weeks ago when a photo of a thicker Rihanna hit the net. Rihanna quieted the talk by assuring folks that she'd just been eating good.

RiRi has expressed that she's excited about her character, Bubble, in the film, but film aside, do you think Rihanna is preggers, or has baby girl just been eating good and exercising less?

I still can't see Rihanna being ready to settle down and have kids right now. She's accomplished a heck of a lot though, so you never know.

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