RIP CHAZ WILLIAMS: Rumors Of A Hood Legend Featuring 50 Cent, Pac & Foxy Brown!

Hip-Hop and the streets lost a good one in Chaz Williams. He was infamous and solid!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don't know if you saw, but the late, great Chaz "Slim" Williams passed away over the weekend. Some of you may ask, "Who the hell was Chaz Williams?" Let me help you get it. Now, for many of us, we know him because he was mentioned by 50 Cent in song "Many Men" where he said, "Slim switched sides on me, let niggas ride on me
I thought we was cool, why you want me to die homie?" Chaz was 50's manager at one point and they fell out, I guess. I really don't know if the story was ever fully told. (I will google it in a second.)

But, it goes even deeper. Most people don't realize there is a connection to Tupac in here. He's cousins with Mutulu Skakur, who is not Pac's biological dad, but he's the man Pac regarded as dad. Mutulu is also Pac's sis Set's biological dad. Here is an interview with him talking about Sir Mutulu Shakur.

Now, here is some rumors stuff that you may not know about. A few years ago (2007 to be exact), when Chaz was managing Foxy Brown, she was - ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY - chillin' in the Pink Houses of Brooklyn, NYC. For those that don't know, the Pink Houses are notoriously rough. The Game recorded his Meek Mill diss video there to show how hardcore he was, if you recall. Anyway, ALLEGEDLY when Foxy was in the Pink Houses, she was assaulted and robbed. Brown, then 27, was allegedly in the Louis H. Pink Houses early morning June 23 when she attempted to break up with her boyfriend, when she found out he was a pimp with a criminal record. The unidentified man-pimp allegedly ordered a group of prostitutes to assault Inga! You can't do that to Foxy! Anyway, there were some things that needed to be recovered - Brown's Louis Vuitton purse, her hearing aid and $500.I was told, Chaz walked right in there like the G that he was and got the items back for his client. Easy work! No cops needed!

"Black Hand has never used or needed the police to solve anything," Williams told at the time. "As soon as I heard she was at the police station, I immediately went there and stopped the interview and she immediately stopped cooperating with their questioning."

Back to 50 Cent. Fofty couldn't NOT say anything about the dead. Chaz wasn't in Fif's life forever, but the connection will never die. "🤦‍♂️Why my name in this sh*t, I ain’t got nothing to do with Chaz dead or alive. 😒da f**k outta here." LOL! Why?!

Chaz most infamously robbed like 60 banks all over the nation until he was finally caught. And, I saw, he also managed to escape jail too. Back in the day, you couldn't keep a strong brother down at all. Salute Blackhand Chaz!

Here he is with Jigsaw from AllHipHop.


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Rest In Paradise Chaz aka The Commander in Chief!!!!!