Robber Has A Message For Big Sean!


Photo via Big Sean's Instagram

Big Sean has a message for the people who robbed his home while he was in Dubai, it seems like he isn't affected, 2015 was a great year, and he's ready for 2016. Big Sean posted a message that said,

"To whom it may concern 2015 was the best year of my life. We counted a lot more wins than losses... and to me that's worth more than damn near anything. BTW you took the wrong hard drive."

Because we live in a time where people will rob you and post it on social media, someone claiming to be one of the people who robbed Big Sean posted a response saying,

"Sorry for what I did to homie #BigSean....I know you counted more wins then losses but a...u took uh lost the other day.. #FindYoStash #FuckUhHarddrive #EatingGood."

It's crazy out here with crime and people's mindsets. At least Big Sean still has that music!