Roland Martin Goes In On Snoop Dogg Over 'Roots' Boycott

Snoop Dogg has recently encouraged his fans to boycott the new "Roots" remake series as he is tired of the slave movies and dramas. According to Uncle Snoop, filmmakers should create new material about the success of African Americans up to present day, instead of repeatedly showing audiences only African American's historical hardships. One person who couldn't disagree more with Snoop Dogg, is analyst Roland Martin.

Martin had some advice for Snoop that included him telling Snoop to put down the weed. Martin said,

“Maybe if Snoop actually watched Roots, he’ll realize Kunta Kinte wasn’t the n-word? You will never find someone Jewish saying there’s way too many Holocaust films. Slavery happened. Slavery is real. Black folks are survivors since the first slaves touched down in Jamestown, Va. You have the potential to change the game but you want to talk about someone else."

Roland challenged Snoop to not slam Roots but to actually put up his money to invest in other projects that document history.

"Why don't you stop smoking weed and bother to call Will Packer., Ava Duvernay, or call Spike Lee... or the countless African Americans that are trying to make those films and are looking for folks to put their money where their mouth is as opposed to some money on some good weed."

Martin said we need all stories told! Who do you agree with Snoop or Roland? Snoop replied saying he will not respond to Roland, who he called a fat bald-headed b-tch a-- n-gga.

Roland Martin at 6th annual Keep a Child Alive
Roland Martin at 6th annual Keep a Child Alive