Rose Burgundy Exposed As Gay And Jess Hilarious Swoops In For The Kill?


This is everywhere! But, what is worse than being a cheater? on, dear reader.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I suppose Rose Burgundy was never regarded as gay ever before today? Well it looks like Hazel-E’s man has been ousted as a cheater AND allegedly with a man as well. WELP. The rumors have come a long way, eh?

Here is the “tea” for you.

And here are the “receipts” for y’all.

To make matters worse, Jess Hilarious got into it and it just got worse and worse! Rose apparently tried to get into Jess’s panties and she said no. Of course, Jess did NOT stop.

Jess looped back around to slay Rose.

Homie tried to spit recently and it didn’t really go over too well.

I can't even lie. I never heard of this dude until today. I thought he was Ron Burgundy. LOL!